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77 comments to Tamil Novels

  • vidhya  says:

    Hello sir,
    I need Ramanichandaran novels.

  • Jeeva  says:

    what is the password?

  • vidhya  says:

    Thanks for reply and also try to upload other writers like manimala, kj, muthulakshmi raghavan etc

  • Princess2013  says:

    I don’t have words to thank you. For a novel Lover like me this site is a precious gift. Thank you very much for uploading and keep it up.

  • Chana  says:

    Hey very nice blog!

  • saravana  says:

    Thanks for uploading but pages from 02 – 85 are missing in ithakuthaane-aasai-pattai-balakumara.

  • swathipriya  says:

    eanaku mahabharatha book venum

  • jancy  says:

    sir , enaku sarithira kadhal novelsoda name solunga,

  • saravanan  says:

    dear vijay,please upload Akilian”s Vengaiyen Maindhan.Thank u for your service.

  • Balachandar Krishnan  says:

    Could you please upload Indra Soundarajan’s Vanathu Manithargal novel . Thanks in advance

  • balakbmm  says:

    could you please upload indira soundrajan’s Vanathu Manithargal novel . Thanks in advance

  • parthi.2013  says:

    I.m having akilan’s “VENGAYIN MAINTHAN” novel.where is the link available to uploaf novels

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Parthi, I my website you cant upload, try to upload in some free online storage and share the link , so that everyone can use it.

  • parthi.2013  says:

    hi vijay.Nan antha novel mediafire la upload paniten,but atha intha websiteku epdi link panrathunu therla?????????.

  • parthi.2013  says:

    hi vijay.first i accidentally posted other document.now i posted the correct document.enjoy my pen friends.!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Jenupa  says:

      Dear Parthi,

      i can’t read & download the VENGAYIN MAINTHAN” kindly help me for this novel

  • selvakumar  says:

    rajeshkumar novels update pannuga..

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Kindly wait for one more week, i try to update new novels…

  • Kasthurirangan  says:

    hai vijay :) thanks for upload novels really enjoy all stories please update latest for rajesh kumar

  • G.R.Giridharan  says:

    Hi Vijay
    thank you for your valuable efforts for uploading the tamil novels. Pl. give serial number to novels. The readers can easily identify which one is read or not. I have read entire Rajeshkumar’s noverl upto 120. Waiting for beyond……..

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Thank you for your valuable feedback, i will do it within a couple of days :)

  • sabarinathan  says:

    hi, Anna

    my friend have told me about udayar novel by balakrishnan

    i like to read it but here i have found only 1-4

    what about that remaining 2 parts na

    kindly help me

  • sabarinathan  says:

    anna, thanks a lot for this kind of blog
    thank u

  • sabbii  says:

    Anna kindly

    let me know how many parts are there in udayar novel by balakrishnan
    bcoz here i have found only 4 parts but one of my friend said there is 6 parts

    what about remaining 2 parts

    kindly let me know

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Yes, there are 6 parts. But i don’t have remaining two parts.

  • sabbii  says:


    if it his possible can u upload nandhipurathu nayagi by vikaraman


  • Vinodh  says:

    Dear Friend,

    I love the way you upload the novels. Can you please upload the novels of pattukottai prabahar.


  • Senthil  says:

    Thiru Vidya,

    Mikka nandir, mattatra magizhchi, ungal sevayin mathippu alavida mudiyathathu, kurippaga tamil puthaganagal vaanga iyalatha idangalil vasipavargalukku miga thunayai ullathu ungal thalam.

    Ungalal ayya Balakumaran avargalin Purasavatham novelai pathivetram seiya iyaluma?


    • Senthil  says:

      Peyar thavarai adithuvitten, mannikkavum Thiru Vijayasundar

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Mikka Nandri Senthil, ennidam “Purasavatham” novel illai, kidaikkum pozhuthu thangallukku maravaamal solgiraen…

  • Jenupa  says:

    let me know how many parts are there in udayar novel by balakrishnan
    bcoz here i have found only 4 parts but one of my friend said there is 6 parts
    what about remaining 2 parts
    kindly let me know

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Yes Jenupa, there are 6 parts. But i don’t have remaining two parts.

  • Badri  says:

    Thanks dear friend for your great service. Is ‘GangaiKondaChozhan’ by SriBalakumaran [3 volumes] available? Also, looking forward to KoViManisekaran, NaParthasarathy and others in your blog. I wish your blog to serve as many tamil book lovers as possible. Thankyou again.

  • manoj  says:

    sir, i want kannadasan’s seramaan kadhali ,,can you upload it, or tell where i can get it

  • Vijay  says:

    Hi Vijay,

    I need mahabharata book in tamil. Can u please upload for me. Otherwise please suggest me where can i get the link for download.

  • Jenupa  says:

    Dear Parthi,
    i can’t read & download the VENGAYIN MAINTHAN” kindly help me for this novel

    • Arul  says:

      Hi send me your mail id ill send vengayin mainthan by pdf

  • prabhakar  says:

    Dear Vijayasundar, Thanks lot,I need udayar(balakumaran) part5 and part6 pls upload it

  • Arul  says:

    Hi admin i couldn’t download sandalyan novels because the files are locked how can i download those files???

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Hi Arul, the password for all the novels in this website is tamilnannool. Try it and let me know if you are facing any issues.

  • Usha  says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have registered at this site, but my account has been pending for almost 2 days now. I am eager to read the novels. Can you please approve my account?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Usha, i approved it, the password for all the novels is tamilnannool.

  • ushagopi  says:

    Thank you, Mr. Vijayasundar :-)

    Can you please upload Mahabharatham in Tamil? Thanks.
    I really appreciate the service you are doing. It is an awesome job!

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      I don’t have in Tamil version. If i got it, surely i will share with you all.

  • Ranjini  says:

    I need full mahabaratam story please upload it.

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      I don’t have in Tamil version. If i got it, surely i will share with you all.

  • arvind  says:

    please upload kalki’s alai osai

  • MANI MOZHI  says:

    Dear Mr.Vijay,

    It is a marvelous effort to preserve our TAMIL literature in E-form ,because i fear our next generation will forget the Tamil scripts ,if we don’t do this.I request you to visit us at our website ,where we are a team of E-Pub skills.please revert with your intErest and we are open to contribute your service to TAMIL WORLD. VAZGA TAMIL.


  • chandra sekar  says:

    dear vijay,
    your job is good.now i am working in uganda.i have some books of balakumaran in coimbatore.when i reach coimbatore i will give you.i think balakumaran writes more than 60 books.i have around 30 to 40.how i send you.your work is good effort.when i read balakumaran book i change my mind from my guilties.so i need all books in your blog.pl give me your mail adress.how i upload the books.

    • Vijayasundar (admin)  says:

      Hi chandrasekar, greatly appreciated for your attitude. For uploading novels, initially You need to create an account in bitcasa, then upload at there and share the link to my mail. My mail id is vijayasundar91@gmail.com. I will send you the detailed step by step procedure for this process to your mail shortly.

  • geetha  says:

    You have any idea about upload Gouthama Neelambaran Novels(Vijaya Nandhini) & Viramuthu Novel (Kallikaatu Ithikasam)

  • கலைவாணி  says:

    please upload writer SUBA’s THOONDIL KAYIRU ( 3 parts )novel
    please … please …

  • senthil kumar  says:

    Hi vijay pls upload rajeshkumar and pkb and subha novels

  • K.Prabhu  says:

    Sir ,
    I need Indra Soundar rajan novels to download. Please upload it Especially Padhinettam Padi, 7 kannigal, ondram sakthi etc…

  • Vijay  says:

    Hi Vijay

    I need mahabharatham book in tamil can u please upload

  • ajfaizil  says:

    Hi Vijay, Any new novels from Indrasaunderajan and rajeshkumar please upload. im in dubai.

  • N.sundramurthy  says:

    see mahabharatham.arasan.info

  • yousuf  says:

    once i read a story author and story name i forgot,but one of the lady character is a pickpocket,and she helping after she done pipocket for them,finally she was expell from her family,than many years later searching her family,but nothing to get, the male character finnaly have a hardware shop(may be elec,paint)his father in la,friends pls help me(may be its anuradha ramanan?)story name?

  • alexantonya  says:

    Hi frens,

    Can someone upload the novel Cherar kottai (Part 1 n 2) by Gokul Seshadri.

  • karuna  says:

    great job. thanks. continue U’r service

  • karuna  says:

    Searching ponniyin Selvan for 5 long years for my mother. Thanks.

  • Ali  says:

    Hi Vijayasundar,
    Could you please upload the “Ayinthu Vazhi Moondru Vaasal” Novel by Indira soundrarajan.. it is one of his masterpiece.. How did you miss it?

    You have many novels by indira, so you should be having this one too.. so please upload this novel. I have searched a lot in internet, No one having this novel(softcopy).
    Expecting positive reply from you!!!
    Thanks much in advance.

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